Scheduling facilities

Facility scheduling for District 204 is scheduled through the Activities Director's Office. Prior to scheduling facilities, please review facility scheduling policies, classifications, and fees to gain a better understanding of the expectations of District 204. After you have read the information and are ready to schedule, go to the Community Education Website and submit and on line request form.

Our district policy requires one main contact person to schedule the facility and receive invoices. Invoices will be sent out at the end of each month. In addition, 10 days advanced noticed is required. There is no guarantee a facility will be scheduled without advanced notice. In the event there is short notice, there will be a late charge assessed.

Each user/group should have their own insurance policy with minimal coverage of $500,000. This should be submitted with your request and will be good for one year. Once a facility is booked, the contact person will receive a confirmation/contract returned to them. Users are expected to bring this confirmation with them at the time of usage.

If there are additional questions please feel free to contact Jessica Schoenfelder at 507-634-1105.

Contact: Jessica Schoenfelder