3rd Grade Units of Study

High-Potential classes are available for students in third grade. Students are invited to participate in a High-Potential class if they have scored exceptionally well on the reading or mathematics portion of the district's NWEA test and on the SAGES (Screening Assessment for Gifted Elementary Students) ability test.

These high-ability students may participate in the High-Potential Reading class and/or the High-Potential Math class.

These classes are held during the school day, and are taught by Mrs. Aimee Johnson, Elementary High-Potential teacher.

Reading Class

Much of our curriculum focuses on novel studies, with themes established by the Center of Gifted Education at the College of William & Mary. Novel studies encourage advanced readers to develop their skills at analyzing and interpreting literature through structured questions and activities that highlight themes and concepts, literary elements, and real-world connections contained within the books. The goal is to develop analytical and interpretive skills in literature, and to develop an understanding of selected literary themes in high-ability students.

The Reading Class meets daily for 30 minutes, during the grade level's designated Reading Flex time.

“Jacob’s Ladder Reading Comprehension Program” 
“Primary Education Thinking Skills (P.E.T.S)” 
“Reading Detective”
Novels: “Peppermints in the Parlor,”  “Dangerous Waters, The Titanic,” “The Green Book”
Architecture Unit

Math Class

This class primarily uses the Project M3: Mentoring Mathematical Minds curriculum, which is geared toward students showing high ability in mathematics and units from the Center of Gifted Education at the College of William & Mary. These lessons motivate and challenge students, while focusing on critical and creative problem-solving and reasoning. Written mathematical communication is also stressed. Our units correlate well with concepts established in the district’s Everyday Math curriculum, and also align with National Council of Teaching Mathematics (NCTM) standards. As time permits, students may also participate in a science unit during the year. The goal is to increase mathematical achievement and attitudes toward mathematics in high-ability students.

The Math Class meets daily for 25 minutes.

“Math Rules!” 
Project M3:  Analyze This! (Interpreting Data)
Project M3:  At the Mall with Algebra  (Algebra)

Report Cards

Students will receive High-Potential grades at the end of second quarter, third quarter, and fourth quarter. These High-Potential progress reports can be accessed through the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus.

Expectations for Students

Students are expected to come to class sessions prepared to be a positive and productive member of the group. Students should be respectful of all participants at all times, and should take responsibility to learn and apply the materials presented/covered. Finally, students must complete all assignments in class. If concerns arise, both the student and parents will be contacted.

Previous participation in a High-Potential class does not guarantee future/continued participation.