Flu information

Should your student stay home?
Influenza-like Illness Symptom Screening Tool for Parents and Caregivers

Does your child have:

Fever (100° F or greater)? __ Yes  __ No
(take temperature before giving fever reducing medicine)

Sore Throat? __ Yes __ No

                                               Cough? __ Yes __ No


If you checked yes to fever AND one of the other symptoms, keep your child home for at least 24 hours after his or her fever is gone without fever reducing medicine. For many children this will be 5 to 7 days. Your child should feel well enough to participate in school before returning. If you have questions about your child’s health or symptoms, call your child’s healthcare provider.

● If your child has been diagnosed by a healthcare provider with a different disease, or has been given antibiotics, keep your child home for at least 24 hours after starting the antibiotics.

For more information and on-going updates 651-201-5414 or 1-877-676-5414 or go to the MDH website at: www.health.state.mn.us