IT Help Desk Process

To request help with IT issues, please use one of the following options before the techs can begin working on your request.


Option #1 (Preferred) - Email
Login to your Gmail, compose a new email, then type in
help in the To: field. Kayako Helpdesk is the correct address.



Option #2 – Call voicemail (if Email not available)



Steps for submitting an IT request:

  • If calling, speak very clearly.
  • Include complete contact information, including spelling of last name and room number/location.  [If contacting on behalf of someone else, please include their complete contact information].
  • Include complete detailed description of problem experiencing.
  • Only include one issue per help request.
  • If emailing, you can provide a status update or add additional information to your request, by replying to the email you originally submitted. Your comments will be automatically added to the original incident notes.
  • You will receive an email once your request has been resolved.