• Bullying
The Kasson-Mantorville School District and the Kasson Police Department both take all reports of bullying, harassment, assaults, and/or threats seriously. Please make reports as soon as possible. If you are reporting as a victim, parent, or a witness (bystander), we are willing to keep who reported the event confidential from the person doing the harm. Parents please encourage your child not to retaliate, but to report these incidents.
  • How to make a report:
To make a report we need as much information as you can get.
  • - Who is the victim, who is doing the bullying, who might be a witness or bystander?
  • - What is happening? (is it physical, verbal, cyber bullying etc.) 
  • - Where is the bullying mostly happening? (on the bus, on the playground, in a certain class, lunch time etc. )
  • - When is the bullying taking place? (before, during, or after school hours)
  • - Why do you think this bullying is happening?
Even is you are unable to answer all of the questions still make a report with as much of the information as you have. 

Who to make the report to:
If you or your child are in immediate danger dial 911
  • - You may contact the SRO or in person at any of the Kasson-Mantorville Schools.
  • - You may also contact the Kasson Police Department 24hrs at (507) 634-3881.
  • - Another way is to call or email the building principal in the school you or your child attends:

K-M High School (507) 634-2961 or
K-M Middle School (507) 634-4030 or j.larsen@komets.k12.mn.us
K-M Elementary School (507) 634-1234 or
K-M Community Education (507) 634-4464 or

What is Bullying?

Bullying is being mean to another person over and over again and may include:

  • Picking on or teasing someone

  • Talking about hurting someone

  • Spreading false and harmful rumors

  • Leaving someone out on purpose

  • Attacking someone by hitting them or yelling at them

Bullying is not always done in person. Another type bullying is cyber bullying. It happens online or through social media, emails, or text messages. It includes posting rumors, sharing embarrassing pictures or videos on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat TIC-TOC etc.) and making fake profiles or websites.


Helpful Resources:

National Bullying Prevention Center http://www.pacer.org/bullying/resources/facts.asp


Stop Bullying http://ww.stopbullying.gov/index.html

Cyberbullying Awareness  https://www.affordablecollegesonline.org

Vodien Cyberbullying Information:  https://www.vodien.com/blog/education/cyberbullying.php

Wristband Resource: https://www.wristband.com/content/bullying_by_the_numbers_a_breakdown_of_bullying_s