Meet Ellie:
School-Based Mental Health Therapist for K-M Schools:
Ellie Freerksen, MS, LADC

Photo of Ellie Freerksen

Ellie has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Children and Adolescent Studies and a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Counseling and Applied Research. Ellie believes that developing and maintaining mental health is the foundation of our ability to thrive. Poor mental health can impact all areas of our lives, that's why we want to start with our youth in developing and maintaining our mental health.

Benefits of School Based Mental Health (SBMH):
  • Year round program, including summer months
  • Before & after school hours available
  • Removal of transportation barriers
  • Options for therapy: school, in-home, teletherapy
  • Early identification and intervention
  • Improved academic, social, and home functioning
Ellie will be available over the summer months for student appointments and can be reached at 507-884-8027 or by email at

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